Azerbaijani FM: Observations in the region proved “tense humanitarian situation” claims to be groundless

As part of his working visit to North Macedonia, Azerbaijan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeyhun Bayramov has addressed the 30th OSCE Ministerial Council on November 30.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Jeyhun Bayramov emphasized that the double standards problem and selective approach are one of the biggest obstacles to taking effective measures to respond to the current threats and challenges in the international relations system.

Minister Jeyhun Bayramov elaborated on the current situation in the region in the post-conflict period and the fact that the anti-terrorist measures taken in the Karabakh region on September 19-20 of this year, resulted in the illegal regime maintained by Armenia, being released and disarmed.

‘Despite the fact that Azerbaijan regularly raised the issue of the unacceptability of the illegal military presence on its territory within the framework of all international platforms, Armenia continued its aggressive activities, encouraged by the indifference of the international comm
unity,’ the Minister added.

According to him, the anti-terrorist measures taken by Azerbaijan were carried out in an exemplary manner. Bayramov pointed out that Azerbaijan makes consistent efforts to reintegrate the local Armenian residents and meet their humanitarian and socio-economic needs. In this regard, he noted that observation mission of the UN and its specialized agencies, as well as ICRC proved that allegations on a ‘tense humanitarian situation’ in the region are groundless.

‘Despite the current difficulties and challenges, Armenia’s delaying the process, as well as the attempts of a number of states to project their geopolitical games into the region, Azerbaijan, as an initiator of the peace agenda is determined to take the process forward. Azerbaijan proposed to meet Armenia at the state border or in an impartial or neutral third country,” the minister said.