Azerbaijani MP Hails International Court of Justice Decision as Defeat for Armenia

Baku – An Azerbaijani Member of Parliament, Mushfiq Jafarov, described the recent decision of the International Court of Justice as a defeat for Armenia and its supporters. Jafarov commented on the court’s ruling regarding Armenia’s claim against Azerbaijan under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD).

According to Azeri-Press News Agency, the MP noted that on November 17, the International Court of Justice dismissed allegations against Azerbaijan as groundless in its decision on temporary measures. The court reaffirmed Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, rejecting Armenia’s request that questioned Azerbaijan’s long-accepted and internationally recognized sovereignty over Garabagh.

Jafarov welcomed the International Court of Justice’s decision, praising it as supportive of Azerbaijan’s fight against separatism. He characterized the ruling as a significant setback for Armenia and its backers, reinforcing Azerbaijan’s position in the ongoing regional conflict.