Azerbaijans non-oil economy grew 1.7 per cent in six months, President

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has said the countrys non-oil economy grew 1.7 per cent in the six months of the year. This is a very good indicator. I single out the non-oil economy because general economic indicators, I mean indicators of the Gross Domestic Product, are linked mostly to oil production and oil price. And this is changing. Therefore, this cannot be considered as the main criterion for assessing our works, the President told a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

A 1.7-per cent growth in non-oil economy is the result of our economic reforms. I think that it is a very good indicator, especially in the current conditions. Non-oil industry saw the largest growth of 4.4 per cent. I think that it is the best possible indicator. This demonstrates that the reforms and the policy that we conduct yield results, the head of state added.



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