European Parliament members: Armenia’s military crimes are a symbol of cowardice

Members of the European Parliament Rachida Dati from France

Ivo Vajgl from Slovenia, and Iveta Grigule from Latvia have made a joint statement condemning Armenia’s military crimes, particularly the recent killing of two civilians in Fizuli district of Azerbaijan.

The satatement says: “After the military provocation from Armenia in the village of Alkhanly in the district of Fuzuli, in Azerbaijan, two civilians have been killed. We would like to convey our sincere condolences to their families and to express our full support to the Azerbaijani people.

The lives being broken and the inhumanity need to stop. In the resolution of conflicts, only the respect of international law should prevail. Violence will never be a solution.”

“While the co-presidents of the OSCE Minsk Group have asked both parties to stop their military actions, we need know to ask the OSCE for a clearer commitment in the protection of civilians and in the respect of Azerbaijan territorial integrity.”

“As European political personalities, we should also ask Armenia to stop as soon as possible the civilian hostage-taking, as it is illegal and a symbol of cowardice, for political claims that are both unjustified and illegitimate,” the statement adds.



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