Iranian currency rates for December 3UN special rapporteur must correct his gross mistake – Western Azerbaijan Community

The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) announced an official rate for foreign currencies on December 3, Trend reports.

According to the currency exchange rate for the Central Bank of Iran, 25 currencies increased and 10 decreased in price compared to December 2.

According to the CBI, $1 equals 42,000 Iranian rials, and 1 euro equals 45,703 rials.

In Iran, the official exchange rate is used for the import of some essential products.

The SANA system is a system introduced by the Central Bank of Iran to the currency exchange outlets, where the price of 1 euro is 457,781 rials and the price of $1 is 420,781 rials.

NIMA is a system intended for the sale of a certain percentage of the foreign currency gained from exports.

The price of 1 euro in this system is 416,255 rials, and the price of $1 is 382,528 rials.

On the black market, $1 is worth about 501,000-504,000 rials, while 1 euro is worth about 546,000-549,000 rials.

Source: Trend News Agency

The special rapporteur of the UN on cultural rights, Aleksandra Khantaki made absurd claims about the “destruction of the Armenian cultural heritage in Garabagh”, the Western Azerbaijan Community told APA.

“First of all, we would like to emphasize that the completely anti-Azerbaijani content and tone of the special rapporteur’s letter, and the fact that Armenian diplomats immediately shared it with joy, gives reason to say the letter was written in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. We strongly condemn and categorically reject the claims of the special rapporteur that threaten the sovereignty of Azerbaijan,” said the Community.

The Community noted that it is also unacceptable for the special rapporteur to use fictional toponyms such as “Nagorno Karabakh”, “Mardakert”, “Karmir Shuka”, “Khramort”: “Let the special rapporteur of the UN go and familiarize himself with the documents of the UN itself on the importance of using the toponyms provided by the countries.

It is sad that the special rapporteu
r of the UN, who spoke about the “deportation of Armenians from Lachin”, has disrespected international law and turned into a full-time Azerbaijanophobe, falling into a pitiful situation. This letter discredits the UN itself. We regret to inform you that the destruction of the historical and cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people both in Armenia and in the territories that were occupied at the time has not been reacted to by the UN and UNESCO, and silence has been shown. Allegedly, the special rapporteur is also an expert on Caucasian Albania, and the fact that the Udi community visited the religious centers in Garabagh hurt him. The special rapporteur states that the Blue Mosque in Yerevan is not an “Azerbaijani heritage”. In general, it is not known what the purpose of A. Khantaki is with these nonsense claims. If A. Khantaki’s goal is “Armenian heritage”, then what does he have to do with the Blue Mosque?

The special rapporteur also deliberately distorted the activities of the Western Azerbaijan Comm

The special rapporteur should correct his gross mistake and comment on the destruction of the cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people by Armenia and contact the Armenian government in this regard. Otherwise, it will be fully proven that he acts based on ethnic and religious sympathies and that he is Azerbaijani-phobic.

In general, one gets the impression that one of the reasons why A. Khantaki is so biased that he is from Greece. We demand the special rapporteur to act independently and impartially by his mandate, and to put an end to low claims against Azerbaijan.”

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency