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Kyrgyzstan to restrict access to TikTok

BAKU: Kyrgyzstan will restrict access to TikTok, the Ministry of Digital Development of Kyrgyzstan told Trend.

As per the ministry’s statement, prompted by a letter from the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan, the Service for Regulation and Supervision of the Communications Industry under the Ministry of Digital Development has issued a directive to telecom operators urging them to implement measures to restrict access to the service.

“The decision was grounded on the service’s failure to adhere to Article 2-1 of Kyrgyzstan’s Law “On Measures to Prevent Harm to Children’s Health and Physical, Intellectual, Mental, Spiritual, and Moral Development,” which outlines the types of information deemed detrimental to children’s health and development,” the statement reads.

To note, this is not the first attempt to block TikTok in Kyrgyzstan. In August 2023, the Ministry of Culture announced its intention to ban TikTok in the country; however, no consequences followed.

Source: Trend News Agency