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10 members of terrorist organization arrested in Turkey

Ten members of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) terrorist organization have been arrested in the Turkish western province of Izmir, the Turkish news agency Anadolu reported March 12.

The detainees were planning to commit terrorist acts in several districts of Istanbul.

Six members of the DHKP-C terrorist organization, who were planning to commit terrorist acts, were arrested in Istanbul March 9.

On Feb. 16, 2016, the Turkish police arrested Dilek Kaya, a potential female suicide bomber in the Sanliurfa province, south-eastern Turkey.

Kaya is a member of the DHKP-C terrorist organization.

The DHKP-C is responsible for terrorist acts committed in May 2013 in the city of Reyhanli of Turkey’s Hatay province, which killed 46 and injured 155 people.

Source: Trend