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Rauf Mirkadyrov: Azerbaijani Authorities Should Drop Charges of Espionage against Me

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on September 17 will announce a decision on the complaint of Azerbaijani journalist Rauf Mirkadyrov against the governments of Azerbaijan and Turkey, the European Court said.   The case concerns his arrest and imprisonment on charges of high treason. During Mirkadyrov’s residence in Turkey, the authorities of this

Media Review for September 14

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the country, noting, nevertheless, that life is gradually returning to normal. For 9 months, coronavirus is the main problem in the world, the total number of infected people was 28 million, 900 thousand died. Additional places for patients with the virus for

Ministry of Internal Affairs Seizes 86 Kg of Drugs from Drug Dealers

Employees of the Department for Combating Drug Trafficking of the Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted an operation on September 12 in the Garadagh District of the capital, as a result of which 86 kg of various types of drugs were seized.   According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, drugs were

Tofig Yagublu Continues Hunger Strike for 13 Days

“Tofig Yagublu’s condition is stable. Currently, he is receiving some supportive treatment, and there are no complications or consequences.” Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Adil Geybulla told Turan about this, commenting on the state of opposition politician Tofig Yagublu, who has been on a hunger strike for the 13th day in protest against his illegal

Baku Calls on OSCE Minsk Group to Respond to Settlement of Occupied Territories

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry appealed to the OSCE Minsk Group with an appeal to take measures to suppress the illegal settlement of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan by the Armenian government.   According to the press service of the Foreign Ministry, the aggressor state Armenia, using the tragedy in Lebanon, has begun to resettle the

Action of Relatives of Defendants in “Terter Case”

Family members of those convicted in the “Terter case” and who died during the investigation, tried to hold a protest today in front of the presidential administration.   They demand the release on exculpatory grounds of the convicts and the posthumous rehabilitation of those killed during the investigation, granting them the status of “Martyr”, as

The creation of an Economic Council is illogical

On September 9, President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree “On the establishment of a new management framework for economic policy and economic reforms in the Republic of Azerbaijan and the abolition of Presidential Decree No. 995 of July 15, 2016 “On the establishment of the Financial Stability Board of the Republic of Azerbaijan.” According to