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Ayaz Huseynov: Delivery of medicines to the regions has improved the quality of life of hemophilia patients

The provision of hemophilia patients with coagulation drugs funded under the state program has reached a peak compared to previous years. The delivery of these drugs, which are important for those suffering from blood diseases, to the regions has led to a fundamental change in the quality of life of patients. The statement came from chairman of […]

Health Care

Epidemiologist: It is important for citizens to know the methods of first aid

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the traveler must have a medical bag. Although suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, or remission (asymptomatic), those suffering from some chronic diseases that are likely to worsen are taking medication on a regular basis. Such patients must add these medications to their medical bags when traveling. Because the chronic diseases […]

Health Care

Another 57 people have been treated for coronavirus infection in Azerbaijan

Another 57 people were treated for coronavirus infection in the Republic of Azerbaijan, and 136 new infections were registered. The Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers told AZERTAC that two people who tested positive for COVID-19 died. So far, 337,098 people have been infected with coronavirus in our country. 330,725 of them were treated and 4984 died. The number […]


Ministry of Emergency Situations: Artillery shell found in Sumgayit was neutralized

The 112 hotline of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) has received information about the discovery of ammunition in the area called “Truck Park” in Sumgayit. AZERTAG ministry’s website According to the information, immediately after the adoption of the Emergency Situations Ministry’s Special Risk Rescue Service pyrotechnic specialists were involved in the rescue efforts. Pyrotechnics assessed the […]