Türkiye to start selling gas to Bulgaria

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Türkiye will start selling gas to Bulgaria, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Türkiye Fatih Donmez said on air of TVnet on Monday, Trend reports.


“We will sell gas to Bulgaria. Tomorrow we will have a visit to this country. An important agreement will be signed between the Bulgarian Bulgargaz company and the Turkish BOTAS state company,” he said.


Earlier, the Bulgarian government said that this agreement will be concluded for 13 years, it provides for the access of the Bulgarian company to the terminals of the Turkish BOTAS. The official ceremony will be attended by Energy Minister of the Technical Government of Bulgaria Rossen Hristov and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez.


Source: TREND News Agency

Azerbaijan plays key role for Europe on route to Central Asia – ANKASAM

BAKU, Azerbaijan, For European states developing strategies for Central Asia, one of the most critical countries on the route is Azerbaijan, Trend reports citing the Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Studies (ANKASAM), a think tank based in Türkiye.


According to ANKASAM, the routes that Europe can use to reach Central Asia are quite limited.


“In particular, the Middle Corridor offers the shortest and least costly route to Europe at this point. Because, over the past thirty years, agreements and studies have resulted in a ready infrastructure along the route,” the Turkish think tank noted.


In terms of its geopolitical location and energy resources, Azerbaijan is of great importance to Europe, as a country situated in the west of the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan has important ties with Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, which are located in the east of the Caspian.


“First of all, a significant amount of transit transportation activities are carried out through ports such as Alat in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan’s Aktau and Kurik and Turkmenbashi in Turkmenistan. It may be claimed that the energy resources of Central Asia, which can be provided at low cost, have grown in importance for Europe at a time when global market instability is rising,” ANKASAM said.


ANKSAM emphasized that at this point, Azerbaijan’s geopolitical, geostrategic, and geoeconomic importance is growing for Europe to have access to Central Asian resources.


Source: TREND News Agency

Uzbek-Kyrgyz Development Fund developing several energy projects

BAKU, Azerbaijan, The Uzbek-Kyrgyz Development Fund is developing a wide range of energy projects in Kyrgyzstan, the fund’s representative office told Trend.


According to the Uzbek-Kyrgyz Development Fund, the most priority direction not only in the economy of Kyrgyzstan but throughout the world is the development of projects in the field of renewable energy sources (RES).


Currently, the fund is developing a wide range of projects aimed at the construction of small hydropower plants in Kyrgyzstan, which will help meet the needs of the population with energy, without damaging the environment.


In addition, the Uzbek-Kyrgyz Development Fund is developing projects in the industrial sector of the country.


“The Fund is working on projects aimed to deepen the interaction of local producers with manufacturers from Uzbekistan, these projects include the production of a wide range of goods from light industry products to machine-building,” the Uzbek-Kyrgyz Development Fund said.


The third priority activity of the fund is financing the construction of trade and logistics centers and warehouses, these measures are aimed at comprehensively deepening trade relations between Kyrgyzstan and the countries of the region and will allow local producers to have the opportunity to optimize logistics chains and reduce associated costs when selling goods both within the country and beyond its border.


Notably, the official opening of the Uzbek Kyrgyz Development Fund took place on April 14, 2022. The purpose of the Fund is to expand trade, investment and financial relations between economic entities of the states of the two countries.


Source: TREND News Agency

Uzbekistan boosts bus production in 11M2022

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan significantly increased bus production from January through November 2022, Trend reports citing the Uzbek State Statistics Committee.


During the reporting period, Uzbekistan produced a total of 1,125 buses.


The growth rate compared to the corresponding period in 2021 amounted to 32.8 percent.


The number of buses produced per month:


January – 1


February – 67


March – 61


April – 118


May – 129


June – 107


July – 78


August – 152


September – 138


October – 120


November – 154


Source: TREND News Agency

UK ready to share expertise in offshore wind energy with Azerbaijan – trade commissioner

BAKU, Azerbaijan, The UK is ready to share its experience in offshore wind energy deployment with Azerbaijan, Kenan Poleo, HM Trade Commissioner for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, told Trend.


“As a country with one of the largest installed capacities of offshore wind in the world and the largest pipeline of projects in Europe, we stand ready to share the UK experience of developing the industry with Azerbaijan,” he said.


Poleo also pointed out that the UK has also helped fund the offshore wind roadmap for Azerbaijan which was launched jointly by the World Bank and IFC in June this year.


“We organized a visit to the world’s largest grid-connected floating offshore wind farm in Kinradine for the Azerbaijani delegation led by Minister Shahbazov later that month within the fifth session of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission between the UK and Azerbaijan,” he noted.

He noted that Azerbaijan has a great renewable energy potential, and this is the area where the UK-Azerbaijan energy cooperation should be expanded sooner.


“The UK is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 which means that we have enhanced our capabilities across a wide range of renewable energy technologies. Through our government-to-government energy transition working group and MoU we are actively sharing the UK’s experience to help Azerbaijan develop a thriving clean energy sector, too,” he said.


Source: TREND News Agency

Turkmenistan sees significant growth in trade turnover with China

BAKU, Azerbaijan, The trade turnover between Turkmenistan and China increased significantly from January through November 2022, Trend reports with reference to the Business Turkmenistan website.


According to the information, during the reporting period, the trade turnover between the two countries exceeded $10.12 billion, which is 53.2 percent more than in the same period of 2021. The trade turnover exceeded $1.15 billion in November of this year alone.


Turkmen exports accounted for most of the trade turnover. Turkmenistan exported more than $9.33 billion worth of products to China in the first 11 months of this year.


In addition, Turkmenistan imported Chinese goods worth more than 787 million dollars from January through November 2022.


Source: TREND News Agency