Kazakhstan’s Qazaq Gaz increases gas resource base

BAKU, Azerbaijan, JSC National Company ‘QazaqGaz’ received the rights for the Pridorozhnoye gas field in South Kazakhstan, with recoverable gas reserves of 10 billion cubic meters, from “Samruk-Energy” JSC, a source in QazaqGaz told Trend.


The national company concluded a deal with “Tegis Munay” LLP, a part of “Samruk-Energy” group of companies, on the purchase of assets, which included the “Mangyshlak-Munay” LLP. The latter possessed the rights for the production of gas on the Pridorozhnoye gas field.


QazaqGaz previously approved the roadmap for gas exploration and production. In the framework of the document, an increase in the gas resource base of 700 billion cubic meters is expected.


Pridorozhnoye field was discovered in 1975. Confirmed deposits are estimated to be around 16.5 billion cubic meters and located at depths of 1,450 meters and 2,600 meters.


Source: TREND News Agency

Turkmenistan reveals total volume of non-cash payments

BAKU, Azerbaijan, The total volume of non-cash payments in Turkmenistan under the “Digital Commerce” system from January through November 2022 amounted to 541.69 million Turkmen manats ($154.6 million), Trend reports citing the Business Turkmenistan news agency.


During the specified period, the total amount of payments through the “Mobile Bank” system amounted to 12.4 million Turkmen manats ($3.5 million), and through the “Internet Bank” system – 1,5 million Turkmen manats ($428,100).


During the reporting period, the total non-cash turnover on bank cards in Turkmenistan amounted to 12.9 billion Turkmen manats ($3.68 billion).


Turkmenistan’s financial sector is constantly expanding. In particular, mobile applications are being introduced to pay for various services and goods, the number of transactions is increasing, and payment methods through bank terminals are being offered.


Source: TREND News Agency

Azerbaijan to abolish paper employment record

BAKU, Azerbaijan, The State Employment Agency under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Azerbaijan plans to abolish paper employment records, Chairman of the Board at the Agency Mustafa Abbasbayli said in an interview with Trend.


According to him, citizens who received their first workbooks after 2014 would no longer need to provide an employer with a hard copy confirming their employment length.


“The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection is preparing a major legal reform in the labor field. This package is expected to be submitted to the government of Azerbaijan in the near future, and after its adoption, the entire document management will be carried out in a digital way,” he said.


Abbasbayli explained that citizens whose employment contracts passed before 2014, should keep their paperwork books.


“It can be used in labor relations processes and upon reaching retirement age,” he added.


Source: TREND News Agency

Earthquake hits Aegean coast of Türkiye

BAKU, Azerbaijan, An earthquake has hit the Aegean coast of Türkiye, Trend reports via the Turkish media.


According to the media, tremors with a force of five points were most felt on the island of Midilli in the Aegean Sea.


The media also said that the earthquake on the island was followed by short-term tremors of magnitude 3.9, four and 4.8.


There were no reports of casualties or damage from the earthquake.


Source: TREND News Agency

Turkmenistan-Georgia trade turnover down

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Georgia’s trade turnover with Turkmenistan decreased slightly from January through November 2022, Trend reports referring to the National Statistical Committee of Georgia.


According to the statistics, the total trade turnover between Georgia and Turkmenistan in the reporting period reached $176 million – an decrease of 11.4 percent compared to the same period of 2021 ($198.8 million).


Turkmen exports to Georgia from January through November 2022 amounted to $159 million, which is 15.6 percent less than the same period in 2021 ($188.5 million).


During this period, Turkmenistan increased imports from Georgia by 66.9 percent compared to the same period in 2021 ($10.3 million) – up to $17.2 million.


Source: TREND News Agency

Kazakhstan willing to retain McDonald’s

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan is willing to assist McDonald’s to retain the global fast-food restaurant operations in the country, Trend reports, citing the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan.


According to the statement issued by the ministry, the government is willing to accelerate the procedures necessary for importing the production from third states into Kazakhstan in order to alleviate the supply issues experienced by the fast-food giant.


“Kazakh producers of meat and dairy products have already begun work to bring production in line with the requirements of McDonald’s. At the beginning of 2023, the auditing of enterprises was supposed to take place. However, due to the closure of McDonald’s, the planned audit did not take place”, the statement said.


McDonald’s is forced to import production as a result of internal guidelines, which strictly regulate the quality of meat and dairy products. Meanwhile, Kazakh producers would have to undergo expensive certification, without any guarantee of being chosen by McDonald’s.


Meanwhile, McDonald’s announced its intention to cease operations in Kazakhstan on January 5, due to the supply chain issues. The press service of “Food Solutions KZ” LLP, the operator of the fast-food chain in Kazakhstan, disclosed that the restaurants will be re-opened under a different brand at a later date.


Source: TREND News Agency