Kuwait’s KUNA agency highlights Azerbaijan’s Yanardag – flaming mountain

The Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) has posted photos highlighting “Yanardag” State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve – flaming mountain, one of most famous and popular tourist destinations in Azerbaijan.


The article, headlined “Yanardag…never-extinguished fire in Azerbaijan”, said that this site attracted the attention of the famous Italian traveler and writer Marco Polo 800 years ago, and due to this place Azerbaijan became known as the “Land of Fires”.


The author emphasized that “Yanardag” State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve was established in this area, and this mystical place attracts foreign tourists. He noted that according to the ancient sources and books the flourishing of Zoroastrianism was observed in these places where many tribes lived long before our era.


The author of the article also recommended Kuwaiti tourists traveling to Azerbaijan to visit the “Yanardag” State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve.


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Azerbaijan’s National Confederation of Entrepreneurs Organizations, German SME Association ink MoU

The National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers) Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW) have inked the Memorandum of Understanding in Berlin, Germany.


The document was signed by authorized representative of the Confederation in Germany Elnur Huseynov and BVMW Executive Chairman Markus Jerger.


The deal envisages promotion of investment and economic relations between Azerbaijan and Germany, sharing information about both countries’ current investment projects, trainings, business missions, exhibitions, as well as organization of business tours and preparation of mutually beneficial projects.


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Trump proposes 10 futuristic ‘Freedom Cities,’ featuring Jetsons-like flying cars

Former President Donald Trump on Friday shared the broad strokes of an ambitious plan to build 10 new “Freedom Cities” and beat China in the development of flying cars, according to CNBC.


Lamenting that the U.S. has “lost its boldness,” the top Republican 2024 presidential candidate called for a national contest to design the cities as a way to spur a “quantum leap in the American Standard of Living.”


Another plank of Trump’s plan, detailed in a less-than-four-minute video posted by his campaign, is for the federal government to boost investment in flying personal vehicles.


“I want to ensure that America, not China, leads this revolution in air mobility,” Trump said in the video.


The policy-light plan sketched a vision of America’s future that was in some ways reminiscent of “The Jetsons,” the classic cartoon depicting a high-tech utopian society where commuters traveled to work by flying car.


Efforts to build electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles, or eVTOLs, are already well underway — though flying taxis and aerial highways aren’t expected anytime soon, with automakers still working out self-driving technology for landlocked cars.


In a press release, Trump’s campaign asserted that 10 cities the size of Washington, D.C., could be built using less than one-tenth of 1% of the hundreds of million of acres of “empty” government-owned land. That land would not be part of U.S. national parks, the campaign said.


While Trump puts home- and car-ownership at the center of his vision for an ideal American future, urban planners and politicians have increasingly championed urban infrastructure concepts that increase density and reduce reliance on cars.


Trump’s video also teased a “major initiative” to lower the cost of living, with a focus on lowering the costs of buying a car and building a single-family home.


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Biden and Scholz meet amid debates over Ukraine aid

President Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz met at the White House on Friday, part of their ongoing effort to bolster the global coalition that is seeking to ensure a steady flow of assistance to war-battered Ukraine, according to washingtonpost.com.


The two leaders, who met just hours after the White House announced an additional $400 million in military aid, reaffirmed their support for Ukraine and said they were dedicated to continue supplying weaponry as the war enters its second year and some in their countries show signs of weariness with the continued conflict.


“I want to thank you all for your strong and steady leadership. I mean that sincerely. It’s made a world of difference,” Biden said. “You stepped up to provide critical military support, and, you know, I would argue that beyond your military support, the moral support you gave Ukrainians has been profound. It’s been profound.”


Biden alluded to some of the domestic political challenges in Germany as it ramps up its defense spending and seeks to diversify away from Russian energy sources, telling Scholz: “I know it’s not been easy. Very difficult for you.”


After the meeting, the White House said Biden and Scholz had “reiterated their commitment to impose costs on Russia for its aggression for as long as necessary” and that “the leaders also exchanged perspectives on other global issues.”


The president also remarked that the last time the two of them met at the White House was a few weeks before the Russian invasion and they were trying to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to change course.


“We made it clear that if he moved, we would both respond,” Biden said. “And together we made good on that promise.”


Speaking in English, the German chancellor said he appreciated the chance to meet.


“This is a very, very important year because of the very dangerous threat to peace that comes from Russia invading Ukraine,” he said.


Scholz said international unity was crucial when it comes to helping Ukraine, adding, “At this time I think it’s very important that we give the message that we will continue to do so as long as it takes and as long as it is necessary.”


The two leaders ignored questions shouted at them as reporters were ushered out of the room.


The United States earlier on Friday announced an additional $400 million in Ukraine assistance, mostly ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS launchers), Bradley fighting vehicles, demolition munitions and other equipment.


The announcement, less than two weeks after a $2 billion package was unveiled, brings the total U.S. military aid to more than $30 billion, including nearly $20 billion in direct shipments from Defense Department weaponry stocks and the rest in U.S.-funded contract purchases for Ukraine.


The hour-long meeting came not long after the leaders separately met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has been pressing Western leaders to send ever more sophisticated weaponry to his country. Biden met Zelensky during a surprise visit to Kyiv, while Scholz greeted him during a trip to Paris.


“The bulk of the meeting is going to focus on Ukraine,” a senior administration official said before the meeting, speaking on the condition of anonymity to preview the private talks. “Both of the leaders wanted this to be a working-level meeting, wanted it to be very much a get-down-into-the-weeds focus on the issues of Ukraine.”


Germany has been criticized for not doing more to arm Ukraine, including resisting a proposal to send additional tanks before ultimately acquiescing, but U.S. officials have sought to praise their NATO ally.


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes Kermadec Islands in New Zealand

An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 struck Kermadec Islands region in New Zealand on Saturday, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) said.


The quake was at a depth of 152 km (94 miles), USGS said.


The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre earlier estimated the magnitude at 6.6 and a depth at 183 km.


No tsunami warning was issued after the quake, the U.S. Tsunami Warning System said.


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Quiz dedicated to 100th anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev held

A quiz dedicated to the 100th anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, the founder of the modern Azerbaijan state, genius statesman, was held in one of the military units, the Ministry of Defense told AZERTAC.


The memory of National Leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev, and martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Motherland, was honored with observing a minute of silence. The National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan accompanied by a military orchestra was performed.


A video about the life and activities of the National Leader was screened.


Speakers at the event emphasized that the declaration of 2023 as the “Year of Heydar Aliyev” in Azerbaijan by the relevant Order of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev is the embodiment of nationwide love and deep respect for the Great Leader.


The team “Gunners” took the 1st place, the team “Commando” – took the 2nd, and the team “Tankmen” – took the 3rd place and were awarded with honorary diplomas, cups and medals.


In the end, a group of servicemen who distinguished themselves in combat training were also presented with valuable gifts.


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency