21 dead as bus falls off bridge in India

At least 21 people including some students were killed when a passenger bus fell 50 feet off a bridge in Angul district, Odisha, India, this morning, according to The Indian Express.

While 14 were killed on the spot, 7 others died in the nearby hospital. Another 30 have been admitted to hospitals in nearby Angul town and Cuttack. Among the injured, at least 15 are stated to be serious. Maharaja, a passenger bus was on its way to Athmallik in Angul district from Boudh district when the driver reportedly lost balance and swerved the vehicle off the bridge on old Manitri bridge. The bus had another 40-odd km left to reach its destination. An eyewitness, Arun Behera, said the driver was talking over phone when a kid riding a bicycle suddenly came from the opposite side. “The driver suddenly took a left turn and broke off the bridge railings,” said Behera.