ADA University becomes first higher school integrating “Asan Imza”

ADA University, for the first time in the education sphere of Azerbaijan, has recently integrated “Asan ?mza” mobile ID and e-signature in its activity. Thus, this year’s newly admitted master students of the university are granted an opportunity to electronically register their admission to ADA using their Asan ?mza on the “ADA Asan ?mza” portal which has been specifically designated for this purpose.

So far, the mentioned process used to be implemented by means of presenting necessary documents to the university in paper, which required the students to visit the university in person for performing this operation. Digitalization of registration of admission of students to the university will facilitate efficient organization of this process, thus creating new opportunities for introduction of innovative solutions in the education process. The newly launched innovation especially favors ADA’s newly admitted students living in the regions of the country who will no longer need to come to the university just for registering their admission.

Another novelty, possible via “Asan ?mza”, is e-signing of the Honor Pledge of ADA University which is the mandatory step for all students of this higher school. At a ceremony that took place at ADA University on September 15th, the newly-admitted master students of the university signed the pledge with their Asan ?mza.

“ADA Asan ?mza” Portal represents a unique digital environment to combine existing and future e-services of ADA University. Developed by “B.EST Solutions” company, this portal currently incorporates e-services on registration of admission to the university and e-signing of Honor Pledge. The portal can be accessed only by students who have been admitted to the master degree of ADA University this year as well as relevant officers of the university. The authentication tool for logging in to the portal is “Asan ?mza” mobile ID and e-signature.