Web Desk February 17, 2021

Today marks 29 years since the tragedy in the village of Garadaghly.


On February 17, 1992, the village of Garadaghly, the Khojavend region of Azerbaijan, was captured by the Armenian invaders.


On February 14, an offensive against the village began by Armenian militants, foreign mercenaries using personnel and military equipment of the 366th regiment of the former Soviet Army deployed in Khankendi on Garadaghly, which was completely surrounded.


Local residents in the village and 14 soldiers resisted until the last bullet.


After the seizure of the village, several people were burned alive at the local school. 118 local residents were taken prisoners and taken to Khankendi, stopping along the way and shooting several people in front of each Armenian village.


Then 54 captive men in underwear were taken through the streets of Khankendi to the hooting of the crowd and the muzzles of machine guns. Not all of the captured Garadaghly people were exchanged.


As a result of the occupation, 20 houses, 1 house of culture, a school for 320 students, and a hospital for 25 inpatients were destroyed in the village.


In addition, historical, cultural and religious monuments were destroyed.


800 residents who managed to leave the village before it was captured by the enemy became internally displaced persons.


Source: Turan News Agency

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