admin April 26, 2021

On Monday, residents of the former massif known as “Sovetskaya” tried to hold another rally in front of the presidential administration of the country.

They again expressed dissatisfaction with the small compensation for the demolished housing, and resented the coverage of their problem on the pro-government television channel REAL TV.

However, the police officers put the protesters on buses and sent them to the Yasamal District Executive Power.

The Yasamal executive power received four representatives of the protesters. The result of the negotiations remained unknown.

* Demolition of Sovetskaya began in 2014. On an area of 26 hectares, about 4,500 residential and non-residential buildings were demolished. At the second stage, another 920 buildings were demolished on an area of 13 hectares.

At both stages, there were owners who did not agree with the proposed compensation in the amount of 1,500 manats per square meter of housing. They periodically hold protests.

Some even went to the European Court of Human Rights. Demolition continues in this area.

Source: Turan News Agency