admin July 1, 2016

Azer Turk Bank, which always strives for convenience of its customers, offers another innovation.

Thus, to provide corporate clients with modern and secure internet banking services the Bank has established “e-banking” service. By this service Azer-Turk Bank, operating under the slogan “The address which you trust”, enables customers to carry out financial transactions faster and in more secure way.

The “E-banking” product is an internet banking program integrated with “Asan ?mza” (Easy Signature) mobile e-signature. “Asan ?mza” is a secure technology enabling using of a mobile phone as a digital identity and e-signature tool.

The main advantage of “Asan ?mza” technology is no requirement of using additional devices and software for reading a smart card. A mobile phone and a SIM card storing authentication and e-signature digital keys are sufficient for starting using Asan ?mza.

First time in the country Azer-Turk Bank applies Internet Banking service which is supported only by “Asan ?mza” for authentication and confirmation. Therefore, customers don’t need to provide any additional identification information as they used to insert traditionally (user name, password, etc.).

Using the “E-banking” service corporate customers and individual entrepreneurs can control their accounts through the Internet from anywhere in the world at any time of a day. Besides, those customers can efficiently use their valuable time without coming to the Bank.

Another advantage of the service is that it is available from standard internet browsers without using special equipment or software. The application of the service based on “Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking” module was implemented in cooperation with Ukraine’s “Datas Technology” company.

Azer Turk Bank OJSC, which has identified financial support to the real sector of the economy as its main mission, by 75 percent is owned by the government of Azerbaijan.

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