Web Desk April 7, 2021

“Azerbaijan is a democratic country, we – the Orthodox Christians are citizens of this country like Muslims and we are not indifferent to what happened in our occupied territories during 30 years,” Spokesman for the Baku – Azerbaijan Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church – Archpriest Konstantin Pominov said, APA reports.


According to him, visits of the Orthodox Christians to territories, liberated from occupation, is an indicator of their non-negligence to destroyed cultural, religious, historical monuments here. “Because we are all the one, Christian, Muslim and Jew are one. All of us are citizens of this country. Therefore, we all pray in the same way, we are concerned about the future life and fate of our people and our lands. I want to say that Mr, President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the state of Azerbaijan will do everything to restore the liberated lands from the occupation, these territories will once again shine with their historical monuments, people will be able to visit mosques, churches, synagogues again. Of course, they will do everything to develop our lands not only from the economic point of view but also cultural and spiritually.”


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency


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