Armenia police kidnap activist not let him tell Pope about political prisoners

Shahen Harutyunyan, the son of Armenian oppositionist and political prisoner Shant Harutyunyan, was kidnapped from Gyumri Saturday morning by a group of people in police uniform, according to a Facebook post by Levon Barseghyan, a member of Gyumri’s Council of Elders, Armenian web site reported.

“I talked to Shahen on the phone; he said he had been kidnapped not far from Gyumri’s central square and was being taken away in an unknown direction,” Barseghyan wrote.

Davit Sanasaryan, a member of the opposition Heritage party, wrote for his part that the young Harutyunyan had been kidnapped and was being held in the personal car of Shirak’s police chief as he wanted to tell Pope Francis about two dozen political prisoners in Armenia.

“This cynical behavior is a gross violation of human rights – a person apprehended while walking on the street Freedom to Shahen, freedom to all political prisoners,” Sanasaryan’s post reads.

Source: Trend