Web Desk April 5, 2021

“Mines create danger for civilians after the war and prevents development. April 4 – International Mine Awareness and Mine Action Day is aimed at saving the lives of civilians, said Assistant to Azerbaijani President Hikmat Hajiyev at the briefing held today in ADA University on Mine Awareness and Mine Action Day, APA reports.


The assistant to President said that the role of the international community in eliminating mine the danger is very important.


Hikmat Hajiyev drew attention to that numerous mines were planted in Azerbaijani territories during 30 years, when they were under Armenian occupation: “It is an example of Armenia’s military crimes and contrary to Armenia’s international obligation. The Armenian side does not submit maps of mines to the Azerbaijani side. Rights of Azerbaijani civilians are grossly violated.”


Assistant to Azerbaijani President noted that Armenia using mines purposefully directed it to Azerbaijani civilians: “It is a manifestation of ethnic cleansing. Not providing maps of mined areas to Azerbaijan hinders establishment of reliable cooperation. Mines were spread in productive lands of Azerbaijan and it prevents Azerbaijan’s sustainable development.”


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency


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