Aviation incident with Azerbaijan’s Silk Way plane in Afghanistan

An aviation incident has occurred with Azerbaijan’s Silk Way aircraft in Afghanistan, said the message of the State Civil Aviation Administration of Azerbaijan.

According to unspecified information, the AN-12 cargo aircraft that was leased from the Silk Way company for carrying cargo inside Afghanistan has crashed in the country’s Helmand province.

Approximately at about 18:30 Baku time (GMT+4) the received report said that upon taking off from the airport, the mentioned incident occurred.

The rented aircraft was managed by international crew, which included citizen of Uzbekistan (the captain), three citizens of Ukraine and five Azerbaijani nationals.

Azerbaijan State Civil Aviation Administration established a commission to investigate the incident.

Currently, the Azerbaijani side is in negotiations with the Afghan aviation officials regarding the arrival of a group to the scene on May 19 for further investigations.

Source: Trend