Aykhan Hajizada: Armenia’s accusing Azerbaijan is a step aimed at covering its possible military provocations

‘Armenia, having not complied with any agreements and any of its commitments so far, accusing Azerbaijan of denying imaginary agreements, claiming that Azerbaijan will allegedly escalate the situation in the border regions is only a step aimed at covering up Armenia’s possible military provocations,’ said head of the Press Service Department of Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry Aykhan Hajizada as he responded to the media question regarding the groundless allegations made by Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan during the press conference on March 14, 2023. ‘Armenia’s opposition to the clauses excluding territorial claims against Azerbaijan in the text of the peace agreement, it creating an opportunity for future violations even while the text of the agreement is being prepared, hiding these non-constructive approaches and coming up with ideas such as “international mechanisms” and “international guarantee institution” is an indication that Armenia is not interested in a peace agreement. Also, the fact that Armenia, refusing to negotiate a peace agreement in December of last year, opposes the mediation efforts of the European Union with various excuses demonstrates that it has not given up its practice of creating obstacles to negotiations during the nearly 30-yearlong occupation period. The fact that Armenia’s readiness to sign the draft in which only Armenia’s proposals were mentioned and Azerbaijan’s proposals were not taken into account was declared by the Prime Minister of Armenia during the briefing is another proof of his indifference to the peace process, and we believe that these destructive activities of Armenia should be condemned by the international community and be prevented,’ Hajizada added.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency