Web Desk February 14, 2021

3.Competitive human capital and space for modern innovations One of the most important issues facing us is competitiveness. Special emphasis is placed on human capital, which is a very important participant in competitiveness. One of the main goals of the document is the importance given to human capital. Human capital is focused on by emphasizing the factors that shape it. In order to successfully implement this priority, the following three goals [1] are to be achieved: (i) education in accordance with the requirements of the 21 st century, (ii) a creative and innovative society, and (iii) a healthy lifestyle of citizens. These are wonderful goals. But these goals have not been announced now. Nine years ago, the government adopted a document by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 29, 2012. The document titled “Azerbaijan 2020: Look into the Future” [2] also noted the following areas in the section entitled “Towards a Highly Competitive Economy” to support scientific potential and innovation, improve transport, transit, and logistics infrastructure, develop information and communication technologies, ……


Source: Turan News Agency

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