Azerbaijan attaches great importance to cooperation with FAO to strengthen resilience of global food security system, minister

“We attach great importance to cooperation with Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in the framework of the organization’s strategies and programs to strengthen the resilience of global food security system,” said Azerbaijan’s Minister of Agriculture Inam Karimov as he made opening remarks at the international conference “Vision for the future: transition to digital agriculture” in Baku.

“Unfortunately, the global food security system has faced a number of risks over the recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic, regional processes, climate change, and further limitations on land and water resources pose threats to global food security,” the minister noted.

“These challenges have also laid the foundation for new international relations to achieve common goals. FAO’s Hand-in-Hand, Farm to table, Solidarity for Health initiatives and other related strategic initiatives are modern guidelines for responding to critical factors affecting food security systems. Azerbaijan joins these initiatives with great enthusiasm and is ready to cooperate effectively on these multilateral forums,” he added.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency