Azerbaijan brings back corpse of serviceman killed in Nagorno-Karabakh

Azerbaijan found and took away the corpse of a serviceman who was killed while preventing the Armenian provocations on the contact line of troops.

The body was found in the area where the search operations were carried out repeatedly, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry reported.

“On April 19, the search for the Azerbaijani serviceman, who went missing on the battlefield, has been renewed with the mediation of the ICRC and the OSCE representatives,” the ministry said. “This gives grounds to say that the Armenian side took away the body previously, kept it for unknown reasons and did not inform either the mediators or the Azerbaijani side on this issue.”

The ministry believes that the Armenian side put the corpse secretly to the same place after Azerbaijan announced about resumption of the search.

Currently, procedures are carried out to clarify the conditions, reasons and time of death of the Azerbaijani serviceman, the ministry added.

Earlier, Azerbaijan accused Armenia of violating humanitarian law while refusing to return the bodies of those killed during the hostilities.

Armenia, being far from human values, exposes the corpses to torture and abuse and turns them into objects of revenge and political speculation, Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry believes.

This issue was high on agenda of the PACE spring session held in Strasbourg on April 18. Thus, Azerbaijan’s MP Ganira Pashayeva said the country has many documents proving crimes committed by the Armenian side towards the Azerbaijani servicemen.

Armenia breached the fragile ceasefire on April 2.

Military operations were stopped on the line of contact between Azerbaijani and Armenian armies on April 5 at 12:00 (UTC/GMT + 4 hours) with the consent of the sides. Ignoring the agreement, the Armenian side again started violating the ceasefire.

Source: Azer News