admin April 21, 2015

A group of Ukrainian, Iranian, Russian, and Georgian citizens are suspected of causing damage valued at AZN 76,000 to the state

Azerbaijan has opened a criminal case against foreign nationals engaging in international communication services illegally.

The Anti-Corruption Department under Prosecutor General has investigated a material from the Ministry of National Security of various foreign citizens causing great damage to the state by organizing international communication services via special equipment installed at their rented houses in Baku, without obtaining a special permission despite it is required, the Prosecutor General’s Office told APA.

A criminal case has been launched under article #192.2.1 (illegal entrepreneurship) of the Criminal Code, as there are suspicions that carrying out illegal actions, Ukrainian citizen inflicted damage worth AZN 25 571 on the state, Iranian citizens – AZN 7 323, Russian citizen – AZN 40 692, Georgian citizens – AZN 2 878.

The investigation is underway on the criminal case.