admin April 27, 2016

The relative tranquility established between the armed forces of Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan was again breached by the Azeri side at about 5:40p.m., the Artsakh Defense Ministry reported.

The Azeri forces used 82 mm mortars as they shelled the military positions of the Defense Army in the direction of Martakert.

Movement of equipment was observed in the northeastern direction of the line of contact.

Artsakh Army front line are closely following the developments the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border.

The Azerbaijani forces continued the intensive firing all along the line of contact with the Karabakh forces on April 26, the Artsakh Defense Ministry reports.

As a result of their ongoing ceasefire violations, contract servicemen Tigran Mkhitary Poghosyan (born in 1992) and Aram Nikol Arushanyan (born in 1972) were killed.

Azerbaijanis used heavy weaponry, including mortars, cannons, MM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers, as it shelled the military positions and populated areas in Karabakh.

The settlements of Martakert, “Nerkin Horatagh” and others came under heavy firing.

Private Hayk Samvel Minasyan, was killed as a result of Azeri aggression.

The front divisions of the Artsakh Defense Army undertook retaliatory measures to neutralize the aggression of the rival, inflicting losses in human force and equipment, the Ministry said.

Source: Asbarez