February 22, 2021

The process of creating an Animal Identification and Registration System (AIRS) has started in order to further improve the mechanism of food security in Azerbaijan within the ‘Strengthening Competitiveness of Agriculture’ project, Trend reports on Feb.22 citing the Food Safety Agency (FSA).

According to FSA, the system will be created in the framework of cooperation between the Agency for Agricultural Credit and Development under the Azerbaijani Agricultural Ministry and the World Bank.

The project software is being developed with financial support from the World Bank. Upon its development, the identification of cattle and horses will be carried out in the selected area, and testing of the system will begin. Subsequently, it is planned to use the system throughout the country.

AIRS will allow tracing every animal and livestock product ‘from farm to table’, therefore it will play an exceptional role in terms of ensuring food safety.

The identification system will contain information about a household to which a product of animal origin belongs, a particular animal from the meat or milk of which the product is made, and the production plant at which it’s processed. The system will also provide information about diseases transferred to the animal, the time of its vaccination, used veterinary drugs, etc.

Moreover, AIRS will allow monitoring the genetic line of animals, organizing breeding, identifying risks, managing food safety, and implementing veterinary measures against diseases.

It’s expected that the introduction of the system will facilitate the integration of Azerbaijan in this area into the world economic union.


Source: TREND News Agency

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