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Azerbaijan strongly condemns, rejects European Parliament Committee’s report

BAKU: We strongly condemn and reject the ‘Annual report on the implementation of the common foreign and security policy’ which includes provisions against Azerbaijan, Aykhan Hajizada, Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, said in a statement, Trend reports.

“These slanderous and completely groundless provisions, which are a part of the smear campaign against Azerbaijan, where all the facts are distorted, raise serious questions about the future of the common foreign and security policy of the European Union.

Unfortunately, this report which reflects a shallow approach to foreign and security policy, also indicates that the Members of the European Parliament are captive to populist politics and, moreover, how distant they stand from developing a proper strategic approach to our region.

The European Parliament, despite being an institution of the European Union that propagates the respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty in its statements, demonstrates disrespect against the t
erritorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, condemning the counter-terrorism measures in which no civilian population is targeted in our sovereign territories, and promoting separatism as well as the former occupation of Armenia in our territories, once again indicate that for the European Parliament, the personal interests of the Members of the Parliament prevail over the international law and the interests of the European Union.

As long as the European Union does not put an end to this arbitrariness within its institutions, the foreign and security policy of the institution will continue to be captive of its utopian approaches in the system of international relations,” the statement reads.

Source: Trend News Agency