Azerbaijan ‘the most efficient team for medals per athlete’ in The Telegraphs Rio 2016 alternate medal table

In its Rio 2016 alternate medal table, The Telegraph has called Azerbaijan “the most efficient team for medals per athlete”.

When it comes to the size of the teams each country has taken to Rio, Azerbaijan emerges as the most efficient team, The Telegraph said.

The country has won 0.3 medals per athlete, with its relatively small team of 56 athletes.

North Korea is also high in this league, winning a total of seven medals with its team of 35 athletes – meaning the team has won a medal for every five of its athletes.

The biggest teams in the competition are the United States, Brazil and Germany, with 554, 465 and 425 athletes respectively.

Great Britain took 366 athletes to Rio – leading to the team winning 0.2 medals per athlete, a similar rate to China and the USA.