Azerbaijani Ata?nsurance makes payment for compulsory insurance fees easier

Paying special attention to customer satisfaction, Ata?nsurance continues on its endeavors to increase and accelerate payment options for insurance fees, the company said April 15.

Now, the customers who insured their vehicles with Ata?nsurance can pay the insurance fees comfortably through the eManat terminal network. In order to pay the insurance fee, the customers should enter their cell numbers and ID Pin Codes as well as the numbers of their vehicles through eManat terminals.

The aims of these works are to provide high quality services to customers and increase their satisfaction. The eManat terminals operating since 2013 mainly locate at markets and supermarkets, subways and passways, natural gas and water services’ offices, various malls and business centers, and education and health institutions. At the present time, there are more than 2,000 eManat terminals in the whole territory of the country and customers can pay for up to 80 services through them.

Being a member of AtaHolding Group of Companies, Ata?nsurance has been operating in the insurance sector since 2004. Having more than 30 million manat assets, the company offers services to customers on 28 insurance types, including 24 optional and 4 compulsory ones. Ata?nsurance also holds a license for provision of re-insurance activity. It is a founder and participant of the Compulsory Insurance Bureau. In total, Ata?nsurance’s service network includes 23 branches, representative offices and customary offices for sales.

Source: Trend