Azerbaijani diplomat responds to Armenian ambassador who criticized Italian parliamentarians

Azerbaijani ambassador to Italy Mammad Ahmadzade has responded to the Armenian ambassador to this country Viktoriya Baghdasaryan who was outraged by a statement made by a group of Italian MPs and senators who condemned the Armenian military units’ attack and aggression against the Azerbaijani civilian population in Alkhanli village of Fuzuli district on July 4.

In her article published in Formiche online newspaper, Baghdasaryan criticized the Italian parliamentarians and tried to justify the crimes committed by the Armenian army against the peaceful Azerbaijani population.

Ambassador Ahmadzade sent a letter of response to the editorial board of the newspaper, which posted it on its website.

In his letter, Ahmadzade called Baghdasaryan the ambassador of the country, which continues to occupy 20 per cent of Azerbaijan’s internationally recognized territories, including the Nagorno-Karabakh and seven adjacent regions for more than 25 years, the country, which carried out ethnic cleansing against the Azerbaijanis, and committed Khojaly genocide, one of the most terrible acts of modern history, which resulted in the death of thousands of people and more than one million Azerbaijanis becoming refugees and internally displaced persons. He described the Armenian ambassadors article as ridiculous.

Instead of getting angry with the Italian parliamentarians, the Armenian ambassador should demand from the military-criminal regime that runs her country to withdraw the Armenian troops from the occupied Azerbaijani territories in line with the documents of international organizations, including four UN Security Council resolutions. As we have always noted, the main source of tension in the region is the presence of the Armenian armed forces in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, which target the Azerbaijani civilians,” the ambassador said.

“How many innocent people have to be slaughtered and how many babies should be murdered so that Armenia abandons its policy of aggression? I would like to recommend my Armenian counterpart to demonstrate humanity at such a sensitive time and respect the memory of innocent children,” the Azerbaijani ambassador added.