Azerbaijani Parliament Ensures Security for Armenian Residents in Karabakh: EU Today Report

Baku – Azerbaijani parliamentarians have confirmed the security of Armenian residents in Karabakh, according to an article by Gary Cartwright, publisher and editor of EU Today,

According to Trend News Agency, during a recent visit to Brussels, Azerbaijani parliament members engaged with journalists to discuss the country’s perspective on future relations with Armenia. Tural Ganjaliyev, chair of the EU-Azerbaijan Parliamentary Cooperation Committee, conveyed that Armenians settled in Karabakh are welcome to stay, and the Azerbaijani government has even launched a website for Armenians who left Karabakh to register for return. The article also highlighted comments from Vugar Bayramov, a member of Azerbaijan’s Parliamentary Committee for Economic Policy, Industries, and Enterprise, who emphasized the potential economic benefits of resolving the long-standing conflict in the region for Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia. He spoke of the Middle Corridor trade route, envisioning a future with Azerbaijan investing in Armenia, similar to its investments in Georgia and Turkey. Cartwright also shared insights from displaced Azerbaijanis longing to return home, now seeing a possibility for their return after over 30 years.