Azerbaijani people in Georgia choose UNEC

The academic-teaching staff of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) visited the Azerbaijani schools in Georgia.

Supported by Azerbaijans State Committee for Work with Diaspora the visit aimed to encourage the Azerbaijani people living in Georgia to get education in their mother tongue, to inspire them to get higher education and to inform the high school graduates about the UNEC.

A delegation led by head of the chair Economy of the Enterprise, the associated professor Ali Hajiyev met with the pupils of senior classes of secondary schools in Bolnisi and Dmanisi regions of Georgia. The pupils were informed about the UNEC, the largest economy-oriented university in the region. The admission of citizens of foreign countries to the UNEC, the only higher education institution in Azerbaijan, providing the education in four languages was underlined at the meeting. The applicants submit the required documents electronically and in case of meeting the relevant requirements they are eligible for education at UNEC.

The simplifying the UNEC admission process attracted the attention of pupils. They were interested in the specialties taught at UNEC. The dual degree program and exchange programs implemented with the influential world universities caused the interest of the pupils. The pupils called the Intra-University Dual Degree program the indispensable opportunity for students to master two qualifications within four years.

The Azerbaijanis were given detailed information about the master’s degree programs of UNEC, as well. It was noted that, in the International Center of UNEC for Master’s degree level Education and Doctorate Studies, 11 specialties and 39 specializations meeeting the modern requirements were taught in four languages. The students of the Center can get along with the diploma of UNEC, the diplomas of prestigious universities of Europe and Turkey.

The event featured the screening of a promotional video on the UNEC, and question and answer session.