Web Desk April 5, 2021

“Land reclamation measures are of special importance for each country, especially for those with limited water resources. I want to say again that the construction of reservoirs and water canals has always been a priority among infrastructure projects and this will continue to be the case. Along with all this work, we were, of course, always concerned about the efficient use of water” President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said as he received in a video format Zaur Mikayilov due to his appointment as Chairman of Azerbaijan Melioration and Water Management Open Joint Stock Company, APA reports.


“There are successes in this area, but at the same time, there are difficulties and shortcomings. These must be eliminated. In general though, the sustainable development of agriculture in recent years is associated, among other things, with the efficiency of water supply. In recent years, we brought water to lands that were not irrigated before. These lands cover hundreds thousands of hectares. In the past, the supply of water to the lands that had not been watered at all or to partially irrigated lands revitalized them because water was reaching out to hundreds thousands of hectares.


Today we are seeing a manifestations of this policy in various sectors of agriculture. Some of our large farms dealing with grain production have reached productivity of 50, 60 or even 70 quintals per hectare. This is in line with and equal to the level of leading European countries. Of course, not only irrigation work but also other measures have played a role here, but there is no productivity without irrigation” President said.


Source: Azeri-Press News

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