Azerbaijani President: Our history books should be updated

Of course, our history books should be updated. Books were published in a certain period, including a book reflecting the names of our historical cities and villages. You are the author of that book. I have seen it. But have many people seen it in Azerbaijan? No. I don’t know what print-run it had. You did it on your own initiative and to the best of your abilities. But we have to do it at state level. That brochure should be translated into all languages. It should also have an electronic carrier. It should be translated into foreign languages. So this promotion work is absolutely necessary., said President Ilham Aliyev at a meeting with a group of intellectuals from Western Azerbaijan, APA reports.


“We will invite scientists, archaeologists and historians from the countries we consider our friends, so that we could hold a prestigious international conference. In other words, a number of steps need to be taken so that this topic stays on the agenda, so that it is even included on the international agenda. Because Armenia today is a mono-ethnic state. When we say this, we are rightly telling the world community that this is unacceptable,” noted the President.


“What other country of the Eurasian continent and the region we are located in is mono-ethnic? The question is why it is specifically Armenia that is a mono-ethnic state? The answer is clear – they did not allow other nations to live there. They have expelled all ethnicities from there in every possible way, killed some, threatened others, and burned people’s houses. They have expelled all other nations from there and established a state for themselves in someone else’s land. Armenia was never present in this region before. The present-day Armenia is our land. When I repeatedly said this before, they tried to object to me and claim that I have territorial claims. I am saying this as a historical fact. If someone can substantiate a different theory, let them come forward,” said the President Ilham Aliyev.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency