Web Desk March 16, 2021

“We have written a new history of our people, a glorious history of heroism, and great construction work is under way in the liberated lands today. Major infrastructure projects are being implemented. Today, coming from Baku and driving through the destroyed city of Fuzuli, I saw again the disaster unleashed by Armenian savages. Let the foreign circles defending them and standing behind them today open their eyes and see what day the Armenian savagery has turned our cities into” said President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev during the visit to Fuzuli and Khojavand districts with first lady Mehriban Aliyeva and their daughter Leyla Aliyeva, APA reports.


“All our cities have been destroyed, all our villages have been destroyed, historical sites have been destroyed, mosques have been destroyed, graves have been destroyed, unmatched vandalism and barbarism have been perpetrated. We, for our part, have liberated our lands. Armenians from Armenia and foreign countries were illegally brought and settled in this settlement. But this settlement is safe, not a single building has been destroyed, not a single building has been burned. This is the approach of the Azerbaijani Army, this is our moral code. What did the Armenians do? They destroyed all our buildings, our mosques. They kept animals in our mosques. They have desecrated our sacred monuments. The houses built by the Azerbaijanis – the Armenians lived there illegally – were burned and destroyed. They cut down forests from 10 November to 1 December. They destroyed hydroelectric power plants. This is the difference. Azerbaijani soldiers have high moral qualities, and the instructions given to soldiers and all servicemen have been fulfilled. I said that we have never fought against civilians, and everyone can see that now. I said that the Armenian leadership should give us a timetable of when it would leave our lands and that we were ready to stop the war, and we did it. Today we have returned here as owners of these lands. The Azerbaijani flag is flying in all the liberated lands today. Today, as the Commander-in-Chief of our Victorious Army, I raised our national flag in Hadrut settlement. This flag will fly here forever. We Azerbaijanis will live in our ancestral lands forever. We will rebuild all the destroyed cities and villages, life will return here, people will return here, and we will once again show the world the greatness of our people. Khojavand is ours, Karabakh is Azerbaijan!” the President said.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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