Web Desk April 12, 2021

“Dear servicemen, high military awards of our state are presented to You today. These awards have been established on my initiative after the war,” said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the meeting with servicemen at the inauguration of Military Trophy Park in Baku, APA reports.


Head of state noted that he named the awards himself too: “Hero Star of the Patriotic War, “Zafar” and “Karabakh” Orders are newly-established high military awards.”


Then, our martyrs, killed heroically in the Patriotic War, have been commemorated with one minute’s silence.


Head of state noted that consolation for the relatives of our martyrs is that they sacrificed their lives for the Motherland: “The consolation is that our lands have been liberated, our territorial integrity has been restored. At the same time, we have taken revenge on our martyrs on the battlefield. The blood of our martyrs did not stay on the ground. We have taken the revenge of the martyrs of both the Second and First Karabakh wars on the battlefields. As well, we took revenge on innocent people, victims of the Khojaly, and other civilians on the battlefield. We have restored the justice, restored the historical justice, restored our territorial integrity, and expelled the enemy from our lands through fighting, shedding blood”.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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