admin May 20, 2015

The average life expectancy in Azerbaijan has increased by almost seven years over the past years.

Musa Alakbarov, the head of the Social Affairs Department at the Cabinet of Ministers, claims that this progress is the direct result of the work carried out by the health sector.

Indeed, due to a balanced and well thought-out policy, the internal prosperity of Azerbaijan has been growing every year.

Minister of Labor and Social Development, Salim Muslimov has recently said today Azerbaijan is a land of stability and development, adding that country could decrease the level of poverty to 5 percent, and unemployment to 4.9 percent.

Azerbaijan is also a country with demographic stability. Since 1994 the population of Azerbaijan has begun to increase steadily, and in 2015 exceeded 9.6 million people.

For this indicator, Azerbaijan takes first place in Europe by the average annual rate of its population growth – 1.3 percent. In between January and February 2015, the number of births has been greater than the number of deaths – 18,500d. Within two months 27,900 babies were born.

The minister said that life expectancy in Azerbaijan increased by 4.6 years, reaching 74.2 years, adding that the demographic policy in Azerbaijan is successfully carried out in accordance with the principles of the UN program “Population and Development”.

Expert-economist, Oktay Hagverdiyev told AzerNews that the increase in life expectancy stems from several reasons, among which better incomes.

People’s incomes have steadily increased over the past 10 years.

The government increased its efforts in solving the property problem. Azerbaijan has seen an active housing construction which made it easier for young families. Also, Azerbaijan’s health services have catered to more people.

Hagverdiyev added that peoples’ social conditions are getting better day by day. The majority of the population has improved living conditions. Despite the fact that there are still a list of problems and unsolved goals, Azerbaijan is a country with a high growth rate.