Azerbaijan’s COP29 chairmanship attracts volunteers

BAKU: Azerbaijan’s COP29 chairmanship’s volunteer program begins today, and potential volunteers can register to attend the 29th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29) in Baku in November, Trend reports.

Volunteers will help organize COP29, the world’s largest summit, and other large events in the country. COP29 Azerbaijan Operating Company expects 3,000 Azerbaijani and foreign volunteers to plan, organize, and run the conference.

An online registration platform has been launched for volunteers who are ready to contribute to the organization of COP29, as well as gain experience, business skills, and personal development within the volunteer program to participate in the project.

Individuals who register on the platform and complete the online survey form are part of a potential group of volunteers. Applicants 16 years of age and older can apply to participate in the program. All electronic applications will be reviewed, taking into account
the applicants’ knowledge and skills, motivation, foreign language skills, and other criteria. Suitable candidates will be interviewed and then invited to attend training sessions. Volunteers who complete the final stage will be employed in media, hotel services, transportation, logistics, and other areas of activity of the Azerbaijan COP29. To help with registration and answer any questions that may come up, a call center is at your service: You may reach it at +994 12 535 29 28.

The main objectives of the COP29 volunteer program are to train volunteers to act as Youth Ambassadors for the Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to promoting a culture of cooperation, as well as to provide an inclusive environment where everyone has a voice. The volunteer selection and training process will develop a team of highly motivated and committed young people.

Volunteer pieces of training will cover topics such as professional development, the environment, and sustainable development and will serve to raise the
awareness and competence of volunteers. In this context, the COP29 volunteer program plays an important role in shaping the future human resources potential of the country. It should be noted that young people who previously participated in the volunteer program within the framework of various large-scale events held in Azerbaijan have now joined the COP29 professional team.

The COP29 Volunteer Program is of particular importance for the development of modern skills among its participants, which they will be able to apply in various spheres. As part of the program, it is planned to organize various events to train volunteers in teamwork and improve their communication skills.

Source: Trend News Agency