admin April 13, 2015

Rapid economic development that Azerbaijan is enjoying, accompanied by the modernization of infrastructure and permeation of information technologies throughout the public and private sectors, reinforces the need for developing the capacity for preventing and countering cybercrimes in Azerbaijan, said Alexis Chahtahtinsky, the OSCE Project Coordinator in Baku Ambassador.

He made the remark at a conference on “National Security in the Information Age” in Baku on April 13. The twoday conference is being held with the support of the OSCE Project Coordinator in Baku, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry and the U.S. embassy in Azerbaijan.

“In our efforts to effectively address all possible threats, we have to ensure that we do not overreact and sacrifice the benefits that a functioning cyberspace brings to society as a whole,” he said.

Three million people use the Internet, he went on saying. Some people use the Internet for business purposes, some to pay for services, and many are concerned over the safety of cash payments.

“Many people still fear cyber attacks,” he emphasized.

Azerbaijan is developing information technology in the country and cybersecurity is an important issue. The country aims to strengthen cyber security in its fastgrowing ICT sector of the country and successfully rebuke hack attacks.

The Land of Fire is cooperating in the cybersecurity sphere with many countries.

The cooperation between Azerbaijan and the U.S. in the cyber security sphere will continue, said Robert Cekuta, U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan.

Cybersecurity problems are quite a serious issue and it is topical for the U.S. as well, the ambassador said at the event. “President Barack Obama has signed a decree on enhancing work in this sphere.”

The diplomat noted that Azerbaijan has proven to be a reliable and innovative partner in this sphere.

Azerbaijan seeks to become a leader in the communication strategy in the region and the U.S. supports the country in this sphere wishing to share its experience with Azerbaijan, Cekuta underlined.

The event brought together more than 80 representatives from more than 30 government and private organizations in Azerbaijan as well as international experts on cybersecurity.

The conference aims at raising awareness within the government, private and nonprofit sectors about new developments in the sphere of cybersecurity with special emphasis on legislation, policy framework, international cooperation and overall capacity development for the security of cyberspace.

During the event, renowned experts and practitioners shared with Azerbaijani colleagues the best international practices in cybersecurity.

This event is part of a project by the OSCE Project Coordinator in Baku on preventing and countering cybercrimes in Azerbaijan. The project is being implemented in cooperation with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, National Security, Justice as well as Communications and High Technologies.