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Azerbaijan’s healthcare system undergone remarkable progress over past two decades – MP

BAKU: In the last two decades, healthcare in Azerbaijan has undergone a dynamic trajectory of advancement, a member of the Azerbaijani Milli Majlis (Parliament) Mushfig Mammadli told Trend.

He stressed that President Ilham Aliyev has established a successful state model over the course of 20 years.

“The healthcare sector in the country has followed a dynamic trajectory of development. Throughout the republic, hospitals have been constructed in line with contemporary global standards, and a significant number of medical facilities have undergone repair and reconstruction. Ongoing healthcare reforms include the initiation of compulsory health insurance, aligning with modern international practices. This serves as a guarantee that Azerbaijan is progressing towards the model of a social welfare state. The continuous enhancement of medical personnel, elevating their training to a high standard, and improving their welfare are commendable efforts. It’s noteworthy that this year’s healthcare budget, totaling aroun
d 4 billion manat ($2.35 billion), marks a record for the entire period of independence,” he noted.

The parliamentarian also highlighted the subsequent phase, aiming to elevate Azerbaijan to the standards of the world’s most developed countries, transforming it into a social welfare state with a new national vision.

“Simultaneously, ongoing efforts in landscaping and reconstruction persist in the territories recently liberated from Armenian occupation. A crucial objective in the upcoming years is facilitating the return of our compatriots to their ancestral lands and ensuring employment opportunities for them. Additionally, the development of the non-oil sector on these fertile lands, coupled with the construction of essential infrastructure, stands out as a paramount undertaking. This period is pivotal for implementing comprehensive measures to bolster the country’s economy, with a particular emphasis on enhancing the non-oil sector and fostering increased profitability,” Mammadli added.

Source: Trend Ne
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