Azerbaijan’s Karabakh has huge tourism potential – Danish traveler

LACHIN, Azerbaijan, Karabakh has huge tourism potential, Danish traveler Magnus Nielsen told Trend.


According to him, the nature of Karabakh alone is enough to travel here.


“Yesterday, when I was in Shusha, the nature of this place and Jidir Duzu made a very good impression on me. I’ve heard of Shusha before, but I didn’t expect to see such a magnificent sight. Karabakh has huge tourism potential. Restoration and construction works are being carried out very intensively here. Of course, I want people to return to their homelands as soon as possible. I would also like to come here again in 5-10 years,” he said.


On February 4, 2023, the sixth trip of the international delegation to the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from the Armenian occupation took place.


The delegation includes influential people represented in the tourist elite of 12 countries: the US, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Brazil, as well as Russia.


During the trip, the travelers will also get acquainted with the acts of vandalism committed by Armenians during the occupation, with the restoration work in the liberated territories, as well as with the natural beauty of the Karabakh region.


Source: TREND News Agency