Azerbaijan’s Monitoring Group of Human Rights Organizations issues report on human rights, freedom violations in Armenia

The Monitoring Group of Human Rights Organizations has issued a report on human rights and freedom violations in Armenia, Trend reports.

The report refers to violations of human rights and freedoms in Armenia in 2020-2022, ill-treatment of the civilian population, people detained during demonstrations, criminal cases against journalists, etc.

According to the report, international human rights organizations have always been applying double standards toward Azerbaijan, whereas Armenia’s anti-democratic and inhumane treatment of its people has been ignored over the last two years.

In particular, during the period from April through July 2022, international organizations, for some reason, turned a blind eye on the police brutality against demonstrators in Armenia, as well as the use of sound grenades.

Although Pashinyan’s government positions itself as “democratic” in Armenia, the facts envisaged by the mentioned report give grounds to say that this governance is far from democratic in its practical activities.

The Monitoring Group of Human Rights Organizations of Azerbaijan urges international human rights organizations to be sensitive to the inhuman processes occurring in Armenia, as well as staying away from double standards.

Source: Trend News Agency