AzTU Professor Participates in International Scientific Events

Professor of Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU) Shahnaz Shahbazova participated in the International Symposium on Multidisciplinary Research and Innovative Technologies held in Ankara, Turkey, with the support of IEEE, on October 11-13.

Professor S. Shahbazova made presentations on Lotfi Zade’s Scientific Heritage: Biography, Mathematical logic, Studies in Systems, Decision and Control and Modeling of control of cognitive processes based on fuzzy logic and was presented IEEE Award and Certificate.

Note that, the Professor was selected as a member of the editorial board of Ankara’s international journals of Multifunctional Research and Innovative Technologies and Applied Mathematics, Electronics and Computers.

Under the ERASMUS + programme, Shahnaz Shahbazova was invited to the University of Arad, Romania to give 8 hours of lectures on four topics. After delivering keynote lectures she was awarded the ERASMUS + certificate.

Professor Shahnaz Shahbazova also participated in the 6th Conference on Intelligent Analysis and Applications of Europe-China Data and 3rd Conference on Intelligent vehicle technologies, transport, communication and their applications and made presentations at both conferences.

The Professor of AzTU has been awarded certificates of both conferences and a Diploma of Honors for her scientific achievements by the University of Arad.

Source: Azerbaijan Technical University