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The visit of the President of the Council of the European Union Charles Michel to Azerbaijan, the meetings held, the statement made and the intention expressed played a decisive role in determining the next stages of relations between Azerbaijan and the organization in the post-conflict period.

AZERTAG to the statement, MP Behruz Mammadov said.

He noted that the European Union is Azerbaijan’s largest trade partner, including a major export and second largest import partner. Considering Azerbaijan’s interest in developing relations with the European Union based on equal partnership, especially the need to re-evaluate these relations in the light of the new reality after the 44-day war, the visit of the President of the EU Council to Azerbaijan can be considered a good political opportunity.

“The course of the process has shown that, in fact, the organization itself is interested in opening a new page in the development of relations with Azerbaijan, accepting the new reality. Charles Michel’s choice of a way to find common ground with official Baku in the face of a new reality, such as the use of the term “dispute” rather than “conflict”, and the EU’s intention to raise relations with Azerbaijan to the level of strategic partnership, unlike some political figures who do not want to reconcile with reality. In fact, it was a new vision of the organization in the light of a new reality. In short, the announcement of the intention to raise cooperation with Azerbaijan to a strategic level through a high-ranking official of the European Union is a recognition of the reality created as a result of the Great Patriotic War. it also meant recognizing the results of the Victory. Unlike the revanchists and some European politicians who patronized them, Charles Michel officially stated that the conflict was over and that the process of delimitation and demarcation of the border had to begin, declaring that they were ready to provide European expert assistance and, if desired, to monitor Europe if necessary. He showed that he fully shares Baku’s position, “Maharramov said.

Noting that the European Union has its own political interests, Maharramov noted that the South Caucasus also has a special place in these interests. He said: “In such a situation, it seems that the fact that Azerbaijan is the leading power in the South Caucasus makes us more sensitive. Also, as a result of President Ilham Aliyev’s far-sighted political moves, Azerbaijan has signed documents on strategic partnership with nine EU member states. As the head of state said, a third of EU member states already consider Azerbaijan a strategic partner. Of course, this is one of the factors behind the EU official’s optimism about the prospects of relations with Azerbaijan in the new reality. Also, the fact that Azerbaijan is one of the most stable and sustainable sources of energy security in the European Union significantly increases the importance and weight of official Baku in relations with the organization. “The growing importance of official Baku makes its position more important in Europe than the consequences of pressure from the Armenian lobby and pro-Armenian circles.”

He stressed that during the visit we witnessed the European Union’s preference for the proper establishment of relations with Azerbaijan and the development of relations in a positive direction.


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

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