Baku authorities again did not agree on the PFPA protest action

The executive power of Baku refused the Popular Front Party to hold a protest in front of the city administration on November 11. On November 2, the PFPA applied to the mayor’s office of the capital with the intention to hold a picket on November 11 at 15:00-16:00 with a demand to ensure freedom of assembly, a member of the PFPA presidium, Vahid Maharramli, told Turan.


The action is planned with demands to ensure freedom of assembly, release political prisoners, hold free elections and democratic reforms, and open the land borders of Azerbaijan. On November 4, the city administration refused the appeal of the PFPA, considering the action to be “inappropriate.”


In response, the Mayor’s Office noted that the proposed location of the action is located near “heavy traffic”, a metro station and educational institutions. The city administration believes that the opposition’s action could lead to “serious difficulties for the free movement and security of citizens.”


The PFPA considered the mayor’s office’s response unlawful and still intend to hold the rally. “According to the Constitution of Azerbaijan, freedom of assembly is a fundamental right. It cannot be limited. If the city authorities consider it unacceptable to hold a rally at the proposed location, they must offer alternative options. However, this was not done. Therefore, using the constitutional right, we will hold the action as planned on November 11,” Maharramli said.


The PFPA has already twice – on September 30 and October 24, attempted to hold actions with similar demands before the parliament and the city administration. However, the police severely suppressed these actions, detaining dozens of protesters


Source: Turan News Agency