Baku court starts trial of foreigner accused of blowing up embassy building

The trial on the criminal case of Fawzan Mosa Khan, an Afghan citizen accused of planning a terrorist attack, kicked off in Azerbaijan, APA reports.

In the court process presided over by judge Shalala Hasanova at the Baku Court on Grave Crimes, the questionnaire information of the accused has been clarified. At the court, Fawzan Mosa Khan was provided with an interpreter and a lawyer at the expense of the state.

The court hearing of the criminal case is scheduled for June 25.

Note that according to the information issued by the State security Service of Azerbaijan, it was determined that Fawzan Mosa Khan, born in 1990, in collusion with other persons in advance, planned to commit a terrorist act that would be accompanied by explosion, fire or other similar incidents which results in the death of people, damage to their health, significant property damage and other public danger for the purpose of disrupting public stability in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, creating panic among the populatio
n, influencing decision-making of state authorities and international organizations.

It was determined that the mentioned foreigner came to the Republic of Azerbaijan from a foreign country with the intention of committing the mentioned criminal acts, he observed around the embassy building in order to determine the coordinates of the territory where the embassy of a third country is located in Azerbaijan and to plan a terrorist attack during his stay in Baku and he identified persons who may participate in a terrorist act and involved them in this activity, obtained firearms and explosives, contacted and negotiated with other persons to obtain financial support for these purposes.

In connection with the fact, Fawzan Musa Khan was detained and held responsible as an accused in the criminal case initiated by articles 28, 214.2.1 and 28, 214.2.3 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the main investigation department of the State Security Service and by the decision of the court, a pre-trial de
tention measure was issued.

Source: Azeri-Press news agency