Baku Higher Oil School graduate will study at university in Germany

Graduate of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) Emil Pashayev with Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering was admitted for Master’s degree program at Hamburg-Harburg Technical University, which is one of the best higher educational institutions in Germany.

� Please tell about yourself.

� I was born in Evlakh district in 1994. In 2001, I entered school ?146 in Surakhan district of Baku. While at school, I always participated in various academic contests and competitions in technical subjects and once I became a winner of a local Physics Olympiad. Then, in 2011, I participated in the Knowledge Contest held among Baku schools and dedicated to the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day. I took first place in the first group of specialities, and I was awarded with Honorary Diploma. In 2012, I graduated from the school and participated in the entrance exams. Having earned 627 points, I entered Baku Higher Oil School to study Chemical Engineering. In 2014, I did summer internship at a travel agency in Kutaisi in Georgia; it was arranged by AIESEC, an international youth organization. In 2015, I underwent two-month practical training as a chemical engineer at the “Azerikimya” Production Union. Also, I was a volunteer in the Graphics Specialists group at European games in Baku.

� What goals did you set yourself after you became BHOS student? Have they turned into reality?

� Yes, I achieved my goals. I entered the Higher School student to become not only a professional engineer, but also a specialist capable to able carry out research work. At BHOS, I received excellent education and obtained both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Of course, our teachers’ friendly and kind attitude towards students, their willingness to answer our questions and provide guidance, and, finally, their professional knowledge and expertise helped us to grow into good specialists and develop abilities necessary to conduct researches.

� What someone needs to do to be admitted as Master Student at a prestigious university?

� The very first step in any endeavor is to determine the goal. All goals grow from your desires, which then transfer into ambition. This ambition is a driving force for us to start acting and take necessary steps to succeed and achieve the desirable goal. However, sometimes we face difficulties in setting goals; in this case, our teachers’ advice can be very useful. When I was thinking about my Master study, their assistance and recommendations actually helped me to choose my field of study.

� Why have you selected Hamburg-Harburg Technical University? What do you know about it? What are your expectations?

� I have chosen to study Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering at Hamburg-Harburg Technical University. I decided that I would pursue Master’s degree in Germany long before the end of my study at BHOS. I also learned about the major disciplines to be taught within the Master program well in advance and I studied them very hard.

� How did study at BHOS prepare you for Stanford?

� No doubts that I owe much of the success to my study at the Higher School. By this, I do not mean exclusively the learning process and conditions at BHOS. There were various opportunities to prepare for study in Germany including meetings with German Ambassador and German students during their visits to BHOS, and presentations about programs of DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service, arranged at the Higher School by DAAD’s office in Baku. I would like to add that I wrote about this experience in my motivation letter to the University. I am pretty sure that this background information also helped me to succeed.

Source: Baku Higher Oil School