Baku Higher Oil School professors call upon international organizations to stop Armenian occupation

Professors of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) send a statement to intergovernmental and international organizations including UN, OSCE, OSCE’s Minsk group and Council of Europe in connection with brutal murder of two-year old Zahra, who was killed following a bomb raid by Armenian armed forces.

The statement says: The murder of two Azerbaijani civilians: 2-years old toddler and her grandmother in the shelling of the territories, adjacent to the line of contact between the Azerbaijani and Armenian troops, by the Armenian armed forces is a military crime, once again committed by the Armenian armed forces against Azerbaijani civilians. The full responsibility of this bloody crime committed against the civilian population rests with the political leadership of Armenia.

Armenian mortars and grenade launchers target children literally on the eve of the meeting of the “Big Twenty”. Separatists challenge the entire civilized world. The continued deliberate targeting of the Azerbaijani civilian population and civilian property constitutes a serious violation of international humanitarian law and human rights. The actions of the separatists, their endless provocations meet the growing discontent of an increasing number of politicians from different countries International institutions must take real measures to end the Armenian occupation, withdraw the occupation forces from the territories of Azerbaijan recognized by the world community including Nagorno-Karabakh, and establish peace in the region. Infinite conflicts have no place in the civilized world.

We demand that Armenia ceases to sacrifice the civilian population of our country in the name of its unjustified and illegal territorial pretensions to Azerbaijan. The murders of innocent people, inhuman acts must be stopped. Every human life is priceless, each person is unique, and the murder of a person, especially an innocent child, is a crime against humanity.

The UN, the OSCE, Western countries, especially the world powers, must curb the aggressor who is trying with all his might to maintain the status quo in the region. We believe that authoritative international organizations should respect their decisions on recognizing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and on the unconditional withdrawal of the Armenian occupation army from our land. If this does not happen, such provocations will continue, which in the end will force Azerbaijan to use military force to eliminate the status quo.